How do I apply/participate/submit a posting?

For those who own and are selling farmland to farmers, go to the I want someone to farm my land page
For those who own and want to lease farmland to farmers, go to the I want someone to farm my land page
For farmland seekers, go to the I want land to farm page

Why do I need to submit a detailed profile?

As a Farm Seeker, this is your opportunity to sell your expertise and make the case for why you’re the best candidate to buy, lease, or partner on the land.
As a Farm Owner, this is your opportunity to provide a description about important agricultural features on the property and potential for farming.

I submitted my Farmland Seeker form, now what?

To acquire more details, including the contact info, about any of the farmland listings, email Lily at with the case number(s) of the farmland listing(s) of interest to you.  Each farmland owner has a designated case number followed by a short description of their farmland on this website.

How long are postings on the website?

The farmland for sale, farmland for lease, and the farmland seeker postings will remain online for up to 24 months, afterwards both Owners and Seekers must re-submit an updated posting if they remain interested.  Please inform us once you have made a link, so we may remove both postings, and celebrate your success! 

Does it cost anything to have a posting?

No, there is no cost to have a posting on this website. Please note that it is a voluntary website, acting as a clearinghouse for prospective farmland sellers and renters, and farmers seeking available farmland.

Are there other websites that have farmland postings?

Yes, there is also the affiliated New England Farmland Finder website. Landowner’s who give permission on the Farmland Owner application, can have their information simultaneously posted on this website. Also, check out the “Links for Similar Programs” resource tab.