If you would like more details (including contact info) about any of the following farmland listings, you must first submit a Farm Seeker application. Then email Lily at with the case number(s) of the farmland listing(s) of interest to you.  Each farmland owner has a designated case number followed by a short description of their farmland.
Postings will remain online for up to 24 months, afterwards Owners and Seekers must re-submit an updated posting if they remain interested. 

  • 19-1284: ***NEW*** Borough of Danielson, 3 acres for long term lease

    Acres available in the Windham county for livestock, crops, barns,etc. Fenced in area for cattle. Long term lease available or other arrangements. New land for other proposals/opportunities.

  • 19-1282: ***NEW*** Borough of Bantam, 7 acres for short term lease or employment for period of time then transfer ownership

    We are located in scenic Litchfield County. USDA Certified Organic since 2006 (6 years at this location) growing vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs with 7.2 acres in production, including 4 (30 x 96) greenhouses (2 heated), 2 tractors and all equipment needed to farm efficiently. Founding members of the Litchfield and Collinsville Farmers' Market, and our weekly market stand in the center of Bantam. We are looking for two people (couple, partners, family, etc.) to take over farming operations and marketing as a long term career as we transition into semiretirement in 2020. This is a turnkey opportunity for only those individuals serious about farming as a long-term career. Some farming experience and a willingness to work long hours in all types of weather May through September (with normal hours in March, April, October, and November) year in and out!! We will share everything we know about farm operations during the 2019 season including crop planning and USDA Organic certification paperwork, greenhouse seeding, field planting, cultivation, harvesting, crop storage and marketing. We will then transition out of the operation during the 2020 season.In-depth organic farming experience is not necessary. We can teach you what you need to know to be successful; you must bring, commitment, and passion to farm as a long-term career.

  • 18-1281: ***NEW*** Town of Bloomfield, 45 acres for short term lease

    The Wintonbury Land Trust seeks to lease farmland located on the west side of Bloomfield at 22 Duncaster Rd. The existing lease used the farmland as pasture for highland cows and the barn as a CSA and hay storage. The current farmer leaves the farmland in good condition. The Bank barn will support 2,600 standard hay bales on the upper level. The farm is located in a residential neighborhood adjacent to two other properties that are currently used for agriculture. The intent of the Land Trust is to find an energetic farmer who demonstrates the skills to operate this farm and presents a long term growth plan for this property. This farm requires public trail access in accordance with DEEP standards. A NRCS conservation easement and management plan is in place on this farm.

  • 18-1252: ***NEWLY REVISED*** Town of South Windsor, up to 40 acres for lease
    16 to 40 acres flat farmland along the Connecticut and Scantic Rivers are available. Interested in hemp production (when approved federally and statewide).

  • 16-1151: ***NEWLY REVISED*** Town of Storrs, 2 acres, long or short term lease, farm buildings, housing, electricity, irrigation water source available
    In addition to proven sugar maple stand, we have two fields readily available, each about an acre. One has been organically farmed for local farmers markets and can be irrigated from a marsh/stream below. The second field is not yet fenced, but is newly re-cleared and is adjacent to a substantial barn and could be used for livestock or vegetables. Onsite housing available for rent for up to two people. 4 miles to Storrs Farmers Market and 6 miles to Tolland Farmers Market.

  • 16-1193: ***NEWLY REVISED*** Town of Newtown, 10 acres for long term lease or short term lease

    10 flat acres of farmland, no buildings, prime Fairfield County location and easily accessible from I 84. Prefer someone looking to Hay, with percentage of crop shared. But will consider other crops, vegetables, fruit trees, etc.

  • 16-1165: ***NEWLY REVISED*** Town of East Hampton, 14 acres, Partnership
    Field and Forest: Intend grain, vegetable, herb and hardwood harvest. Seek co-farmer for shared crop and equipment use. Intended site well & some clearing. Possible specified crop for livestock/equine farm or specialized market eg. Grape or restaurant supply. Would consider on-site trailer resident with solar electric supply

  • 17-1225: ***NEWLY REVISED*** Town of Plymouth, Barn for lease
    Horse Barn with running water and electricity. Size is 24' x 44'. Barn has outside fenced off grazing area. Will accept horses, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, llamas, donkeys or zebras. $300 per month. Also interested in solar.

  • 18-1279: ***NEW*** Town of Gales Ferry, 5 acres for long term lease, short term lease, lease with option to buy, OR 18 acres in total for standard sale

    Our farm has available land and greenhouses that already exist. The farm has 2 dug wells that provide water with a pond on the property. Lots of options for farmers. There is a ice cream shop located on the farm property that is currently rented by someone. Please inquire to discuss options.

  • 18-1266: ***NEWLY REVISED*** Town of Lebanon, 15 acres for lease, partnership, or other
    We have 15 acres of land that is currently wooded. The trees will be cut down January 2019 and stumps will remain. I will grind stumps as my time allows. We have aerial pictures of the property and it was all open and farmed around 1934...not sure how much longer after that. The perc and pitt tests done recently show excellent soil and loom as far as 3 feet deep. We are welcome to all types of farming being new to this, not sure about live stock as there are no buildings or major water supplies at this time but its not out of the question. We personally will not be farming the land (though I would love to be part of it and love farms) but we would like it to be farmed. We are prepared to offer a very good deal to any farmer would like to farm our property.

  • 18-1278: ***NEW*** Town of Voluntown, 300 acres for short term lease, lease with option to buy, or employment for period of time and then transfer ownership

    Active dairy with pasture, hay, and corn crops for dairy support. Main dairy complex has capacity for 250 cows. 173 acres of prime and important farm soils. Been in the family for 13 generations but no one to pass it down to. Looking for someone reliable and with experience to help care for dairy cattle and field crops, and maybe look into other ag. Pending land preservation deal with the State and Connecticut Farmland Trust.

  • 18-1275: ***NEW*** Town of Lisbon, 55 acres for long term lease or partnership

    New London County 107 Acres, 55 tillable for field crops with access to electricity and irrigation water. Pending land preservation deal with the State and Connecticut Farmland Trust.

  • 18-1269: ***NEW*** Town of Lisbon, 8 acres for lease to own
    Six separate turnout paddocks. 5 box stalls and 5 lean to stalls in stable. Clean and efficient facility. Plenty of separate turnouts and comfort. 8 open acre pastures. Hay loft stores over 2500 bales. Quiet and private farm. 100 x 160 outdoor arena with jumps. Nearby horse camp, and rated shows in the 10 mile for a showing appointment. Trucking available for your horses.

  • 18-1267: ***NEW*** Town of New Hartford, 5 acres for lease
    5 acres , mostly level field, several apple and peach trees. Land has farm status with the Town. Recently divorced and have child with medical complexities and am unable to keep up with being able to continue my farm status. It has an acre of wooded land that slopes to a stream. Hoping someone with specialty crop or micro farmer would be interested. Would love to see my land produce and give back, and my daughter to have the opportunity to experience farm life. With her medical issues it is too difficult for me alone to provide. The land is for the most part level and some portion needs clearing. It supports asparagus and we had a thriving vegetable garden.

  • 18-1264: Town of Newtown, 20 acres for Long term lease (5+ years), Short term lease (1-5 years), Partnership, Employment for period of time then transfer ownership
    Looking to expand farm currently raising goats sheep rabbits cows for meat, willing to work with someone or just lease area. Also looking to do educational classes on farm and like to develop programs for children and or adults with stress- depression or other therapy needs. This isn't a "turn key" situation will need work to develop programs, open to ideas.

  • 18-1263: Town of Litchfield, 17 acres for lease
    Land and barn available to rent which previously serviced a large Percheron horse business. Seeking a qualified, respectful farmer who wishes to grow organic produce and raise sheeps, goats, and horses in a sustainable manner.

  • 18-1257: Town of Old Lyme, two acres for lease
    I own a home in old lyme and have 2 acres which I'd like farmed to donate the food to Veterans and their families. I've never farmed and am glad to help however need someone with farming experience. I'd like to help as many vets as possible.

  • 18-1256: Town of Middlebury, 1 acre organic for short term lease
    1 acre available, with a creek that runs along it. Area available has been partially cleared by me (it was overgrown brambles and vines). Could be great for dairy goats or livestock. Fresh water on the creek. Wild grape vines in this acre could be worked. I'm open to someone pitching a yurt /tent. Electricity could be available from my home. Land is not ideal, but it could be worked and for a low price.

  • 18-1250: Town of Newtown, 30 acres for lease or sale
    For the description, go to:

  • 18-1249: Town of Hampton, 2 certified organic acres for lease
    We are a very small, certified organic farm in operation for 20 years, looking for someone to co-farm or apprentice and gradually assume increased responsibility for the operation in the future. The property is 32 acres total, with less than 2 acres currently in cultivation (vegetables, berries, fruit and nut trees). Various arrangements are possible, including expansion, lease, etc. Must be willing to maintain organic practices, work cooperatively with owners in shared growing spaces, and commit to caring for crops for the full season including end-of-season cleanup. This is a good opportunity for an active farmer/gardener looking for additional growing space for expansion or rotation, or for a new farmer wanting to start with a small amount of land.

  • 18-1248: Town of New Hartford, 5 acres for lease
    Land available to hay for no charge. My land is approximately 5 acres and the lot next to me is also available which has 6 acres.

  • 18-1241: Town of Newtown, 3 acres for Long term lease, Partnership
    Newtown landowner is looking to effectively use up to 4 acres of open, slightly wooded land adjacent to landowner’s residence. Property is historic, one of the oldest in Newtown dating from the 1600’s. 100 years since land was actively farmed. Ideally suited for organic or specialty farming. This is a long term plan. Looking to lease land or to partner in a business with the right person.

  • 17-1233: Town of Simsbury, 3 acres short term lease, Partnership
    Farm for rent for vegetable production- water, electricity, buildings, excellent CT Valley soils, 2 1/2 acres tillable.

  • 17-1232: Town of Southbury, 1 acre to lease, buy, Partnership
    Open canvas. Prepped area to farm it. Level area, good sun. Eastern facing hillside. You make this how you want. Close to Main St. Area near road to build farmstand. Bought from previous owner who had a goat farm. Electric and water run to central location on property.

  • 17-1231: Town of Washington, 35 acres to lease, Partnership, other

  • 17-1229: Town of Monroe, 5 acres to lease or Partnership
    I recently purchased this beautiful 5.2 acre field, currently used for hay production. This field was part of the Odette farm going back to the 1800's. Wonderful location. I am looking for a partner to develop any agricultural use, preferably organic and friendly to the environment. Currently fenced with old posts and barbed wire.

  • 17-1218: Town of Farmington, 6 acres, for lease
    This property is centrally located in Farmington and has never been farmed on a regular basis. We would like to rent out the property so that it can all be used. Some of it is on a hill. The soil is very rich and on the sides it is shaded. Has access to electricity and water.

  • 17-1216: Town of Willington, 25 wooded acres for a partnership
    Willington landowner is looking for advice on how effectively use a 34 acre wooded parcel. This is a long term plan, designed to keep the land undeveloped by housing but productive. Land likely not available for 24 months or longer. I reside on the land in the family home. Forestry management plan under way. Land has owner dug ponds that hold water year round.

  • 17-1215: Town of Haddam, 3 fields of 5 acres for short or long lease
    We have 5 acres across 3 fields on Wiese Albert Rd. in Haddam. Two are small (0.5 acres) and the other is about 4 acres. They are separated by small stretches of woods and one stream. Note - there is no equipment available or water available at these sites.

  • 17-1214: Town of Woodbridge, 4 fields of 12 acres for short or long lease
    Available for farming are 4 fields in separate parts of town. There are 2 acres on Johnson Rd., 2 acres on Route 69, 1.5 acres on Route 63, and 7 acres on Sperry Rd. We could assist with the initial mowing to get any field back to an open condition. Note - there is no equipment available or water available at these sites.

  • 17-1212: Town of Bethany, 5 fields of 10 acres for short or long lease
    There are four fields on Downs Rd. totaling 7 acres. The end of our distribution system gets to this point so irrigation could be accomplished, but arrangements would have to be made for a meter, backflow preventer, etc. The other 3 acres are on Sperry Rd. and are mostly overgrown. We could help clear if someone was interested in using those acres. There are no farm buildings.

  • 17-1211: Town of Prospect, 2 fields of 12 acres for short or long lease
    The RWA has two fields totaling 12 acres available for rent in Prospect. One is about 10 acres by the intersection of Tress Rd. and Cornwall Ave. We have been mowing it annually to keep down the brush. There is a barn, but it is old and in very poor condition. It is probably unsafe to enter or use at this time. The other field of 2 acres is on Matthews St. It is a former soccer field that was rented to the town. It has not been used or mowed for many years. It has a small parking lot. We could assist with the initial mowing to get it back to an open condition.

  • 17-1210: Town of West Hartland, 99 acres former pasture to restore w/ short or long lease
    99 acres of former pasture land associated with a dairy farm that went out of production in 1962. The land has been reforested, and timber harvested partially only once. The land could have another timber sale to raise funds to prepare the land for agriculture. There is only one building on a small parcel across the street from the 99 acres. This building was a former milk house. It is in disrepair.

  • 17-1209: Town of Brooklyn, 14 acres of open pasture for short term lease
    14 acres of open pasture suitable for livestock grazing.

  • 17-1204: Town of Woodbridge, 5 acres for lease
    Small farm in Woodbridge, CT, located on a well traveled state road. There is a large greenhouse on the property, land to use, store space and a farm stand. I am interested in renting my space to someone who is interested in farming the property.

  • 16-1181: Town of Deep River, 68 acres, Short term lease (1-5 years), Lease with option to buy, Partnership
    The farm is currently ramping up as a "start up" farm after being fallow land for 20+ years. We are currently producing 5 Acres of vegetables for a well established CSA program of 80+ members (waiting list of 30+ families) and a recently renovated farm stand open to the public. The farm also is home to a growing herd of Nigerian dairy goats and large flock of egg laying hens. The total land is 68 acres and right now 5+ acres are tilled, 2 100'x30' unheated hoop houses, 25+ acres of hay, and a large 5 acre fenced pasture for the goats. The remainder of the land remains fallow or is forest and/or elevated terrain. Over these past two years the new owners have restored the main barn, started to repair the farm house, added the hoop houses, added two new chicken tractors, and added two new row barns for the livestock. The owners are willing to continue to make additional improvements such as adding refrigeration, improvements to the farm home and add an additional well for irrigation.

  • 16-1174: Town of Sandy Hook, 3 acres, Short term lease (1-5 years)
    I have a small farm in Newtown, CT with about 3 acres available. I have a small pond on the property so there is accessible water. I would be interested in someone using the property for Honey Bees or wild flowers. Would like the property to remain pesticide free. I am open to other suggestions for the use of the land.

  • 16-1173: Town of Winsted, 180 acres, Long term lease (5+ years), Short term lease (1-5 years), Partnership
    Former dairy farm on 180 acres of open and forested land for rent/lease. Fields are currently used for hay. Barn, farmhouse and storage buildings available. Small apple orchard and pear trees on sight. Owner wishes to help restore the property to an active livestock/agriculture farm.

  • 16-1168: Town of Berlin, 12 acres, Long term lease (5+ years), Short term lease (1-5 years)
    This family property has been sold to me and had been a cattle, horse, goat, dairy, egg farm and had grown various crops & veggies in years past. It has much of the fencing still intact. When I was a child the cows, goats and horses would graze the wooded areas which have tall trees providing shade and a brook running through the property fed by the pond directly next door. They all stayed in the main barn year round and two enclosed sheds were used to house the foods and equipment. I am looking to do the same as well as xmas tress in one of the fields.

  • 16-1163: Town of Windham, 6 acres, Farm Buildings included
    Up to 6 acres that has not had chemicals for decades, if ever. Four potential parcels, sandy loam soil, level and sloped, electricity, water and some storage space available. Hayfields since 1950s. Ideal for organic vegetables or other sustainable use.

  • 16-1154: Town of New Milford, 12 acres, short term lease, lease with option to buy, Partnership; Fencing, Farm Buildings, Equipment available
    10 acres of well fenced pasture, suitable for rotational grazing for goats sheep or cattle. Chicken house. Hoop house and deer fenced garden. Water and electricity are available. Short to mid term lease. Possibly partnership or straight out lease.

  • 07-1010 (REVISED Dec. '17): Town of Amston, 7.5 acres, horse farm, Barn and land for lease, Farm for Standard Sale - Seven and half beautiful acres. Currier and Ives setting. With 40x80 12 stall horse barn, 3 car garage with 900 sq. foot in-law apartment. 230-year-old farmhouse totally restored. Front and back porches. Wood stove, gardens, large pond & waterfall. Gorgeous gazebo overlooking pond. Barn with electric. Chicken coop. Circular drive. 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, large kitchen, dining room and living room. Sitting room adjacent to kitchen.  Will consider barn and land for lease.