Below you will find helpful links for establishing a new farm or learning about Farming 

 Southbury Training School (photo courtesy of Connecticut DOAG) 

Southbury Training School (photo courtesy of Connecticut DOAG) 

  • Click here for Agricultural Laws and Regulations in the State of Connecticut.

  • Here you can find out how to obtain a Sales and Use Tax ID and Farmer Tax Exemption Permit from the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services. 

  • You can start and register the name of your business with the Connecticut Secretary of State by clicking here. 

  • To find and apply for the agricultural permits and licenses needed in Connecticut state visit this page. 

  • Growing New Farmers: a Northeastern US collaborative to help new farmers.  Information on this website used for the needs of new farmers and to address them. 

  • New England Small Farm Institute has a lot of other information about farm transfer, farm succession, small farms, farm planning and exploring the small farm dream.

  • Iowa’s Agricultural Marketing Resource Center has a series of web pages with documents on how to start an agricultural business and the planning process. It also has another set of pages on how to operate the business. Click here.

  • Penn State has a great website on agricultural marketing information. 

  • The Connecticut Women's Agricultural Network (WAgN) is committed to helping women succeed at starting, sustaining, and supporting agricultural related endeavors through educational programming and networking opportunities.  

  • The US Dept of Commerce Small Business Administration (the SBA) Counseling & Training has helpful programs for businesses. 

  • University of Illinois-Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics- College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences has created FAST (Farm Analysis Solution Tools). Find a whole set of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that assist agricultural decisions on your computer. FAST aids users with cash flow, rent versus buy option, financial analysis, and evaluating the impacts of farm business decisions. If you have any questions or comments regarding the FAST spreadsheets, FAST training workshops, or anything else relating to FAST Tools and Resources, please contact: Ryan Batts, 300B Mumford Hall, 1301 West Gregory Drive Urbana , IL 61801, Ph: (217) 333-1817, Fax: (217) 333-5538, Email:

  • CRAFT: Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training in Western CT. Apprenticeship program on several cooperating organic farms. 

  • Educational and Training Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture Education and Training Directory from the USDA National Agricultural Library. 

  • New England Willing Workers on Organic Farms an apprenticeship placement service.