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Massaro Community Farm, Woodbridge
(Kip Kolesinskas 2017)

Do you and your family have a plan for the farmland you own?
Are you a farmer who is looking for land?

The Connecticut FarmLink program is a clearinghouse for the transition between generations of farmers with the goal of keeping farmland in production. There is a new generation of farmers who want to be tomorrow's stewards of the land today, but they need land to work.

Use this site to find partners, transition and plan, and to help us keep agriculture vibrant for generations to come. Click HERE to learn how to most effectively use this website.

Farm owners or farm seekers can use the program to share information with other owners and seekers registered with FarmLink. 

If you are a beginning farmer looking for a chance to start your own operation or a family looking to find a new generation of landowners to protect your area's agricultural history, this program may match you with a current or future farmer, hopefully meeting both parties' needs. Both Farm Owners and Farm Seekers must register by completing an application, which includes a brief description of the farm or potential needs for farmland. A match can be made using this information and postings from "Farmland Seekers" and "Farmland for Sale" and  "Farmland for Lease" which will be updated regularly on this site. 

This is an opportunity to connect with potential tenants, lessees, and the next generation of Connecticut farmers. 

If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please email Lily at

Cecarelli Farm, Branford (Kip Kolesinskas 2017)

Cecarelli Farm, Branford (Kip Kolesinskas 2017)