Aidan Coon

Farmland Requirements

Type of Farm Operation

  • Field crops
  • Specialty crops

Size of Operation Desired


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Does not matter

Infrastructure Desired

  • Housing

Tenure Options Considered

  • Long term lease
  • Partnership
  • Employment for a period of time then transfer ownership
  • Other

Farmer Experience

Years of Farming Experience


Are you currently farming?


Are you looking to farm full or part time?

  • Full Time

Do you have a business plan?

In progress


My name is Aidan Coon, and I am relatively new to the world of farming. After graduating from high school, I flew out to California and at the time of writing this have been living on an organic regenerative farm for 10 months. Here I’ve learned the full gamut of what goes into running a farm. The physical skills of farming, the knowledge of farming and regeneration, and a strong work ethic have been taught to me through this experience. I now realize that what I want from my life is the ability to provide people with the fundamental right of healthy food, and to give power back to communities. I am looking for an opportunity to apply all I’ve learned into starting an operation where quality food, as well as making a living, are both a priority. 

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