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I have recently graduated from Sterling College (Vermont), an agricultural college focused on regenerative farm practices. During my time in college, I worked on the campus farm to gain experience with all different types of livestock. I primarily loved to focus on the draft animals, though I worked frequently with the sheep, chickens, and pigs. My love for horses and oxen started when I was young, but I never had the chance to work with them until I went to college. I studied Draft Animal Power Systems and ecology. I was one of the farm leaders before being promoted to the Draft Crew specialist. After proving that I was able to juggle schoolwork and a job on campus, I partnered up with two of the professors and purchased my first pair of bull calves. I trained them up as a fine team of oxen. When I graduated, I did not have a place for them to come with me so they were sold to a local farmer who would use them for logging. I fell in love with oxen and cattle, and now I seek a farm where I could raise my own oxen and beef cattle with two other graduates from Sterling College. My friends are more focused on fiber and draft horses. One friend had helped to co-manage the Sterling College sheep and was a member of my draft crew (before being promoted to the Draft Specialist after I left) and the other has experience in turning wool into usable fiber and natural dyes. The farming practices we learned were through regenerative ideas to keep the fields and soils healthy for many years to come. I am currently working a summer job on a homestead in New England spending most of my time in the family's vegetable garden, herb garden, and flower gardens while also taking care of their flock of sheep. Between the three of us, we have skills in: home butchering, tanning, taxidermy, caring for a variety of livestock (horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, etc), natural dying of fibers, yarn spinning, weaving, tailoring work, basic maintenance work, and more. We are currently in the processes of creating management plans for each of the species of livestock we wish to have and are happy to provide the works-in-progress as needed. 

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