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  • Livestock
  • Field crops
  • Specialty crops

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Infrastructure Desired

  • Equipment
  • Farm buildings
  • Housing

Tenure Options Considered

  • Short term lease
  • Long term lease
  • Lease with option to buy
  • Employment for a period of time then transfer ownership
  • Owner-financed sale

Farmer Experience

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I've always enjoyed gardening and learning about agriculture, but it wasn't until I lived & worked in Virginia from 2015-2018 that I began homesteading, (raising goats, chickens &  various crops) that my full love for farming became fully evident to me. Though, at my age I could not build a farm on my own, so it's myself and my son looking together for a place to raise our goat herd up further and begin growing larger crops again to benefit as many families as we can. I have had to take custody of 4 of my grandchildren, and, as their Uncle, my son takes the desire to farm even more seriously. He's actually the one with a green thumb, lol, I have to work harder at it. But I love it nonetheless ❤️

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