Daniel Foth

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  • Livestock
  • Field crops
  • Specialty crops

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Infrastructure Desired

  • Equipment
  • Farm buildings
  • Housing

Tenure Options Considered

  • Short term lease
  • Long term lease
  • Lease with option to buy
  • Partnership
  • Employment for a period of time then transfer ownership

Farmer Experience

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Greetings and thank you for checking out my farmer bio page! 

My name is Dan and I am an ambitious young professional who is looking to manage and work on a small farm as full time position. I have previously worked on and managed small scale vegetable farms that use sustainable practices and grow a wide variety of crops. I have hours of experience in every aspect of small farm business from production planning, seeding, transplanting, tractor work, irrigation, fertilizing, pest & weed management, harvesting, processing, marketing, selling produce and more.

My goals include starting or continuing a vegetable production farm, possibly with some annual fruits crops or any existing perennial fruit crops. Depending on the area and any existing relationships with markets or wholesalers, I would find the most efficient and cost-effective way to sell the first seasons' crops. I have experience selling produce via CSAs, wholesale, on-farm market, and off-farm farmers markets. I believe they all come with their pros & cons and usually a combination of two or more are sometimes necessary to move produce.

My dream is to live on the farm that I am managing, however I would also be happy to find a nearby place to rent, too. I do have an amazing and very cute farm dog who would be joining me and possibly my partner, Sam, depending on a number of factors. She does have farming and market experience, but also might go back to being a teacher or in another career direction. I am happy to further discuss my experience and my goals as well as hear your dreams and goals too!

Thanks for your consideration,


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