Hickory Lane Farm

Farmland Requirements

Type of Farm Operation

  • Dairy
  • Livestock

Size of Operation Desired


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Infrastructure Desired

  • Farm buildings
  • Housing

Tenure Options Considered

  • Long term lease

Farmer Experience

Years of Farming Experience


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Are you looking to farm full or part time?

  • Full Time

Do you have a business plan?

In progress


I am a young experienced farmer that breed nigerian dwarf goats for milk production, show and for sale. Have been recognized by national association with winning goat herd.  I have operated a goat milk soap business for several years. At this time I need additional room to expand into a dairy operation so I can produce a variety of goat milk products, such as cheese, ice cream, milk for sale, etc.  My current site doesn't provide an adequate space to develop a milking parlor and process area that needs to be approved by the state.

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