Jayne’s Organics

Farmland Requirements

Type of Farm Operation

  • Field crops
  • Specialty crops

Size of Operation Desired


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Does not matter

Infrastructure Desired

  • Equipment
  • Farm buildings
  • Housing

Tenure Options Considered

  • Short term lease
  • Long term lease
  • Lease with option to buy
  • Owner-financed sale

Farmer Experience

Years of Farming Experience


Are you currently farming?


Are you looking to farm full or part time?

  • Full Time

Do you have a business plan?



I have been farming for 10 years and I am excited to start entering into more of an ownership role. I have a business plan ready to go for a market farm operation. I am an organic and regenerative farmer, with no intention of chemical use outside of that realm. I am very big on data collection as a part of my approach to farming. Detailed record keeping of the growing season, the harvesting, the sales, and all the in between aspects, are imperative to a successful and sustainable farm - in my opinion. I always aim for improvement of function, time and most importantly, quality. Nourishment is my end-goal - By the end of the season I want to be nourished, I want my community to be nourished, and I want the land I work to be nourished. 

I recently moved back to the tri-state region. I am so excited to get my roots back in the ground here. I am looking forward to meeting and talking with any prospective landowners and telling you more about myself, my ambitions, and my business plans.

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