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Hello. I am new to Connecticut and I am in the process of buying my own land (i.e., looking at land and working on finances). In the meantime, I like to lease 0.5-2 acres of land (1 acre is ideal). I would be willing to help out on your farm as compensation, if needed, or talk about other partnerships or fees.
About me: I have been working as a biologist in New York (Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior; Graduate Center CUNY and AMNH), much of my research was done at American Museum of Natural History and in CUNY colleges. I lived in Brooklyn for 23 years, and moved to New Haven a year ago) . Before  genetics research I worked primarily in  aquaponics, aquaculture, agriculture, aquatic ecology, and education. My long-term goals are to build an educational  BioShelter-Greenhouse, small farm, and research and produce alternative feeds for fish farming.

I have made some inquiries, but still in need of acre of preferably land for this summer to grow hemp. I am starting small to get  a feel for, working with this crop. In the short term, I will be growing medicinal and maybe industrial strains to familiarize myself with different genotypes. The long-term goal over the next few years will be to grow high-yield industrial-scale hemp seed, or as a dual-use genotypes for biomass. 

Why hemp? As the ocean's fish populations continue to decline, so does the main source of protein used to grow fish for aquaculture purposes. Next year, the feed is estimated to be as much as a 37 million ton deficit globally . Common plant proteins like corn and soy, though neither meet the nutritional value to substitute fishmeal. Hemp seeds, can be used to produce feed that is over 30% protein, contains all the necessary amino acids, as well as Omega-3s that make fish highly nutritious for humans.  My goal is to create a proof-of-concept hemp-meal for fish feed.
Thank you for the consideration, 

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