Karen Nagy

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  • Housing

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Main interest is in smaller scale operation that uses organic/regenerative/permaculture methods.  At this point I do not feel I can commit to full-time/overtime labor and work schedule needed for a large (for CT) scale profit producing operation that utilizes heavy machinery.  While I recognize the merit for power equipment at times I like to do things by hand and in cooperation with natural processes, for example would prefer to do heavy mulching with biodegradable  materials to control weeds and build/support soil over using some sort powered equipment/attachment.

Areas of interest (but open to consider others):  greens, vegetables, garlic, berries, orchard, nuts, elderberry, herbs, culinary mushrooms.  Would love to try agroforestry crops such as ramps. 

I have worked taking care of horses off and on for over 20 years, and various other farm animals including donkeys, chickens, sheep, goats - I strongly believe in respectful, considerate, and positive reinforcement approaches to care and training.  I have experience with grounds keeping, pruning, simple carpentry.  

I have two wethered goats (with horns) that can serve well to provide weed/brush control (they will actually eat poison ivy, young growth barberry and multiflora rose, bittersweet) and compost/mulch, a small number of coturnix quail that I was planning to increase and start selling eggs, and small group of silkie chickens (gotten to hatch the quail eggs).   I am looking for a place that could include housing.

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