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Hi! So my husband and I are looking for a place to park a camper in exchange for labor, pay, or a combination of both. We have 1 small coop of 8 quail that's up off the ground and we'll have 2 of meat rabbits (not yet old enough for meat but I'm more than happy sharing once they are). We're in a 1999 forest river Salem. Im not sure exactly how long but I know it's between 30-40 feet. We don't need electric or septic but it would be nice if it could be negotiated. We would just need access to a water spicket to fill buckets. We're pretty self sustaining. We have a solar light pack and our fridge/freezer and cooking is propane. Looking at doing wood stove for Winter. 
We do have 4 dogs. 2 are service dogs and extremely well trained. 2 are very well behaved pets. None are ever left outside unsupervised, always cleaned up after, only ever bark for a moment if one of us gets home. Then we have indoor cats. 
We both grew up farming. I have more experience in small animals, goats, and llamas/alpacas. He has more with cows and horses and pigs. I also LOVE to garden and weed. Ideal situation would be trading labor for parking but we're willing to negotiate paying or a combination of both. 
I am disabled so I can't do a lot of heavy lifting and need frequent breaks if I'm having a bad health day but my husband is a work horse and loves manual labor. 

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