Marissa Bekkering-Tiamuna

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Hello, my name is Marissa I am married to my husband Herve and I have a one year-old daughter I’ve had an interest in agriculture since I was 13 years old. I had a very small garden when I was younger with my best friend. I grew up in a farming community, but I never personally had livestock or a large garden on my property because both my parents had jobs in the city.

Then went to pursue my education at Northern Michigan University to get a degree in communications. I was 3 1/2 years in and Covid hurt my financial aid fell through so I had to leave but I gained a lot of farming knowledge there they have a very big environmental science program on a lot of people that are interested in regenerative agriculture.

I also have been watching farming videos on YouTube and homesteading videos since I was 14 so for about 10 years and have gained significant knowledge from that. I have had a garden at my friends house for the past few years just herbs, tomatoes, zucchini, turnips, lettuce and radishes. I also cook and bake a lot. I know how to ferment a little bit. I would like to grow my knowledge in that area and I would also like to learn how to can as well. My ultimate goal one day is to have a Self Sufficient Homestead, and grow the majority of my own fruits and vegetables, and have livestock on make all my dairy products.

A comprehensive list of my skills would be



Basic woodworking skills 



Time Management 



My goal from posting on the site would be to find a plot of land where I can grow the majority of my food right now and potentially sell some of it.  I currently live in the city with my husband and baby and I have nowhere to garden. I also would be open to moving somewhere if someone has like a spare room or apartment and working on a farm in exchange for living there.

Thank you for reading my profile I hope you have a nice day

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