Nicholas Rivera

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Botanical chemist with experience in genetics research, high end horticulture,temperate outdoor and indoor hydroponic crop cultivation. Recent experience includes chief management/administrative role leading a farm apprenticeship program in an urban setting, integrating aerobic (static and dynamic) composting as well as bokashi and anaerobic biodigestion for fuel use as well as proper seasonal rotation and integration of substantial push-pull pest management within crop cultivation.  Former chief agronomist for an organic exotic fruit farm in Caribbean Dry Forest habitat, now acting as remote consultant for crop nutrition and pathology. Accustomed to niche crops, experimental parameters (companion crops, breaking seed dormancy with chemical treatment and customized light settings, production of compost via utilization of invasive species, low water and nutrient input). Focus would be high value crops with minimal and efficient use of space/work within an organic framework. Well versed in scientific nomenclature and persistently reads new research on agronomy, soil science, entomology and other related fields.  Also possess software and electrical engineering knowledge used in customized construction for remote control and monitoring of crops.

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