Ronald Vivar

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  • Field crops
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  • Other

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Infrastructure Desired

  • Housing

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  • Long term lease

Farmer Experience

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  • Full Time

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I have exceptional experience in landscaping and growing plants of my own. In addition, I worked in Pace Analytical Laboratory where I performed lab procedures on pH, Turbidity, Oxidation Reduction Potential, Ignitability, dilution, and filtration of Orthophosphates, and carried out fecal tests to test to detect presence/absence (P/A) or quantification of coliforms in Quanti-Tray wells.

These skills gave me the fundamental principles of agriculture and terrain to help ensure the health of our community. Given my interest in human health and sanitation, I wanted to know how contaminants affect the growth of our food supply as well as our land.

I also have experience in Marketing, creating eye-catching websites and logos that will attract customers. I have 6 years of customer service experience and am great with people.

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