Sean Moriarty

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  • Specialty crops

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  • Farm buildings

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  • Short term lease
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  • Partnership

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I have 3 seasons of experience growing on commercial vegetable farms. Now I'd like to find the right place to start and build my own no-till market garden. 

I'd feel comfortable starting around .5 - 1 acre in production, with an interest in additional acres to experiment with scythe haying for aisle and bed mulching - something that's going to be increasingly important with draughts and short, heavy rainfalls that erode exposed soils. 

I come ready with the following equipment: Jang seeder, wheel hoe, multiple hand hoes, hay forks, 2 broadforks, compost tea brewer/sprayer, modest worm bin, Austrian scythe, step crimper, a little row cover, soil blockers, 3 55 gallon rain barrels, electric transfer pump, wash tubs, hose, pressure washer, modest # of harvest totes, veggie seed, cover crop seed, and a garage full of power tools that will be useful in building any necessary infrastructure (table saw, welder, band saw, lathe, drill press).

Farm market plan may be very dependent on location and site. Open to all possibilities.

I turn 26 in November and I see myself farming for the rest of my life. I read constantly and always try to be open to an ever-more natural way to grow food, feed the community, protect the soil and our health. We'll never stop learning, so it's sure to be an exciting, long road ahead. I want to do this the right way.

Hopefully there's someone out there who wants to be part of the change. 


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