The Clark-Christman Family

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We are a newly married couple in our early 30s, eager to learn the ropes and get "back to the land." Being raised in Alaska, we are no strangers to the wilderness, but our current lives in Colorado don't reflect our shared interest in nature. Our dream is to own a small homestead and eventual farmstead and when we stumbled upon farm finder organizations, we saw a path to get to that dream. By assisting existing farmers and absorbing their wisdom, or even bringing life back to an abandoned bit of acreage with a tiny house and the remnants of a long forgotten chicken coop, our journey toward sustainability and self-reliance can begin.

Our two small dogs and rescue pigeon are a major motivator for this life change, as we want them to experience a freer existence than city life can offer. With that in mind, it's no wonder we look forward to taking on chickens, geese, goats, sheep, and bees, all in good time. We also hope to cultivate gardening skills, exploring permaculture and organic methods. As a crafter, I plan to use my creativity in planning spaces, spinning wool for fiber projects, and creating small graphic art pieces relating to our new life. My husband has experience with carpentry, raising poultry, and is an avid biologist whose heart lies with immersive outdoor work and conservation of natural ecosystems.

In the end, we are flexible, hard-working individuals who want to put in the effort, regardless of mud, mess, or fatigue. We envision our future children growing up in this environment, where social media and internet fame are mere blips compared to the wonder of this beautiful earth. It may sound a bit romantic, but that's the dream and we're willing to work for it, any way we can.

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